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About my Etchings

I work primarily with the Intaglio Printmaking process. It combines my love of drawing with opportunities for tonal and textural variations that lend emotive qualities to the work. Intaglio involves incising lines and marks into a copper plate that is later inked and the image transferred to paper through a press. Employing a variety of intaglio techniques to create an image, I work the plate several times to get the desired effect. I enjoy the variations of artistic expression that intaglio etching allows while employing techniques that printmakers have used dating back 500 years.

Every print is an original – a combined result of the artist’s hand that works and inks the plate and pulls each proof.

Just recently I’ve begun using mixed media with some of my prints – combining Intaglio and Monoprinting – it is exciting to see the new results! My mind is full of all sorts of possibilities!