Meet Maym

What I do as an artist . . . I am a painter and a printmaker, but I also create a wide variety of what I call “functional art.

I am a chronicler of stories, of the simple life in the rural American west. The stories surface through the hand pulled prints, original oil paintings and functional art I create. It’s a form of visual prose that speaks of my experiences as a steward of the land and livestock that we share our life with – with this dialogue I like to build relationships that yield understanding.

Art enriches the lives of all people. My hope is that by sharing my stories, they can become my customers’ stories.

My background . . . Growing up on a ranch I found my three passions – art, ranching and the outdoors. Decades later, enriched by chronicles of family and life with the land, I follow my dreams of making art and telling the story of a simple ranching life. I hope to lend the simple qualities of my life with those I build relationships with.

Largely a self-taught artist except for a few years studying art at the University of Wyoming.  I developed my functional art during my search to explore ways that might make art affordable and practical for those who otherwise might not invest in a piece.

I balance my creative time with a job as director of the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials and caring for our livestock on a small ranch 45 minutes from Laramie, Wyoming.

What inspires me . . .  I am influenced by men and women who’ve taught me that the call of sand hill cranes mark the advent of spring, the deer’s coat changes blue as fall gets near and a cow heavy with calf will isolate herself as she prepares to calve. These subtle nuances of life offer boundless inspirations for those that notice. This mindset is the foundation that shapes my life and ultimately laid the cornerstone for the art I create.

I live a simple life . . . We have chosen to follow this path, guardians of the land and livestock. Our wealth is measured in the sunsets on the high plains, the call of birds as spring awakens and the quiet murmur of the ewe as she nuzzles her newborn lambs. This lifestyle is threatened and understood by few. Perhaps,  by sharing my story and my art, the world will see things through different eyes.

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    Rather than duplicate an image, I work to infer  with gesture, value and color – laying marks down on the canvas as the moment touches me.  Painting is my response to light and subtle nuances of shadow, form,and reflection on the subject matter.


    Working primarily in Intaglio Printmaking – it combines Maym’ love of drawing with opportunities for tonal and textural variations that lend emotive qualities to the work. Intaglio involves incising lines and marks into a copper plate that is later inked and the image transferred to paper through a press.

    “Making a living from the land builds a connection with nature and animals and yields an appreciation of simple moments.”